UD. Galaxy Andromeda


UD. Andromeda Galaxy. is engaged in industry Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Spare Parts, Freon, Compressors, Pipes, Oil. We are on Jl. Raya Mulyosari no 148. will explain what that isOliis made from base oil which is extracted from petroleum which has been processed and refined and added with additives to improve its ability and function. All types of oil are basically the same. That is as a lubricating material so that the engine runs smoothly and hassle free. It also functions as a cooler and insulation. Oil contains fine layers, serves to prevent collisions between metals and metal components of the engine to a minimum, preventing scratches or wear. For certain purposes, specific applications for certain functions, oil is required to have a number of additional functions. Diesel engines, for example, normally operate at low speeds but have higher temperatures compared to gasoline engines. Diesel engines also have greater conducive conditions (opportunities) which can lead to oil oxidation, deposit buildup and the bonding of bearing metals.

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