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UD. Andromeda Galaxy. is engaged in industry Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Spare Parts, Freon, Compressors, Pipes, Oil. We are on Jl. Raya Mulyosari no 148. will explain what that isTateyama AC Pipe or Copper Pipe Tateyama brandis a pipe brand that has long been known in Indonesia, is a high-quality set pipe, because it has a very good thickness, can be used for applications freon r22 or freon r410a, where applications using freon r410a have high pressure , so that it requires thicker pipe thickness. The Tateyama AC pipe is a high-quality set pipe, designed for use in air / air conditioner cooling systems.AC Tateyama pipes are processed based on Japanese standards, namely Japanese standard JIS H3300 C1220T and ASTM b280 standard, so that they can be used for applications r407c and 410a also coated with Closed cell croslinked polyurethane foam, which will provide more resistance to sunlight.

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